Most frequent questions and answers

Well, we are a fully registered UK Ltd business. Since we started in February 2019 we have had multiple winners and have had £1000’s worth of prizes won! We average between 4 and 10 winners each month so rest assured competitions do sell out and all prize draws are genuine and great fun! Also don’t forget you can call Marc at any point for further piece of mind, you can call him on 07917 430036.

Each competition will be set with a draw date, this will be displayed on the competitions page
However, quite often the competition will sell out before this date, some within 3-4 days, therefore the draw will be bought forward and the new date will be uploaded onto our facebook page.

Once all Entries are in and the competition is closed, all of the entrants will be allocated their number, the name of each entrant along with their allocated number will then be posted onto our Facebook page, DreamTech competitions, for everyone to see within 24 hrs of the close date of the competition. We will then use Googles random number generator to select a winner at random, the selected number will be linked to the number next to the Entrant, this will be the winner! This will all be done “Live” on Facebook.

No, draw numbers are automatically allocated once a competition has closed.

When a timer hits zero providing we have sold enough tickets for that one draw to cover the initial cost of the items within that draw and the marketing costs we will select a winner regardless (ie as long we break even)

Yes, DreamTech Competitions is solely run and administered by Marc Peterson, you can reach him on 07917 430036 or you email us, [email protected] we will always respond quickly and efficiently

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