ENTRANT: An Entrant is an individual who has entered the competition through the website or by post to win the prize. This does not include: Limited companies, partnerships or limited liability partnerships.

Questions: The Entrant must use knowledge or skill to answer correctly, to fully qualify for the opportunity to win the prize

WINNER: The winning Entrant who is chosen at random to win the prize in accordance with these terms and conditions.

WEBSITE: www.dreamtechcompetitions.co.uk


CLOSING DATE: The finish date for each competition will be disclosed on the ‘Enter now’ page.

However, if all the tickets are sold before the end date, then the competition will be closed

MINIMUM NUMBER OF PAID ENTRIES: If the minimum number of paid entries is not sold by the maximum end date of the competition, then the prize will be drawn regardless of ticket sales! A cheaper prize or cheaper cash prize will never replace what you have paid to enter to win! That’s a promise.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ENTRIES: The maximum number of entries for each competition will be stated on the ‘Enter now’ page of each competition.


By entering the competition via the Website, Entrants are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by them;

When entering a Competition, all Entrants must submit all contact details requested by the Promoters (which must include a valid e-mail address) which will be used for the following purposes:

(1). to notify the winner that they have won the prize (2) to post the winning Entrants town of where they reside on the website; and (3) to adhere to the privacy policy. (4) to post the allocated numbers to each entrant of the draw on our Facebook page, we will only use your name, this is so everyone knows their allocated number prior to the draw.

As the Entrant you are completely and individually responsible for providers the promoters with your most current and accurate contact details

The Promoters of the competition will not be held accountable for any failure or failed attempts of making contact with an Entrant due to any errors, exclusions or inaccuracies within the contact details provided by the Entrants.

Privacy policy – Both the Promoters of the competition and the Entrant of the competition recognizes that the Promoter may use contact details and other data including personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 given by the Entrants to the Promoters to update the website and run the competition in accordance to these Terms and Conditions. Both the Promoters and the Entrants also recognise that the Promoters may (either by the demand of a third party or by choice) also disclose this information to relevant third parties in the interest of the prevention of fraud, money laundering, legal or other financial or regulatory reasons.

The Competition is run by the Promoters.

The Competition is available for anyone to enter over the age of 16 excluding the Promoters, employees, agents, their family, professional advisers  or conductor administration of the Competition in any way, shape or form. Our Affiliate team are not employed by Dreamtech competitions Limited and only advertise on our behalf so they are able to enter our competitions.

English law governs this competition and all matters relating to this competition will be resolved under English Law, the Courts of England will have exclusive jurisdiction

If you are participating in one of our competitions via the website, by accepting these terms and conditions you are confirming you are not breaching any laws in your home country with regards to the legality of entering these competitions. As the Promoter we will not be held responsible for any Person entering our competitions which is not in accordance with the law in your country. It is important you check with your relevant authorities if you are in any doubt at all.

By entering into a competition, the Entrant acknowledges the fact that their paid entry does not guarantee them in any way that they will win the prize.

The value of the prize is not guaranteed by the Promoters in any way.

Both the Promoters and the Entrants accept that the Competition, all associated activities and administration are governed by English Law and the Entrants and Promoters both recognize that the exclusive jurisdiction belongs to the County or High Courts in the event of any dispute involving the competition or its administration.

By entering one of our competitions you the Entrant are guaranteeing that the information you are supplying is current, complete and accurate. The promoters reserve the right to disqualify any entrant if they have grounds to believe that the Entrant has breached any of these Terms and Conditions

The maximum number of entries that can be made by any one entrant per giveaway will be clearly displayed in each competition. The Promoter is not responsible or liable in any way for the Valuation and makes no representation or warranty in respect of its accuracy.

Once a ticket is purchased all Entries then become the property of the Promoters on receipt and will not be returned

The Promoters reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.

To fully validate an entry into the competition, the Entrant will be asked to provide their contact details (including postal and email addresses and also a telephone number) card payment details will be required for the entry fee only. The card payment is electronically approved once the Entry is submitted.

If you wish to make a free entry, then please send a covering letter in the post to the below address stating; The competition you wish to take part in, your answer to the competition question, your full name, address, email address & mobile phone number. The address is: Dreamtech competitions, 26 Bramble Lane, Durrington, BN13 3JB. All free entries must be received before the close of the competition. One entry per letter. Max 1 free entry per person, per competition, per household. All free postal entries are processed exactly the same as paid entries via the website.

The competition will close once the maximum number of Entries has been made or the closing date is reached, whichever is soonest. However, the Promoters reserve the right to extend the competition close date by up to 3 months at their discretion.

In the event of Entries being submitted after the close date of a competition a refund will be given, otherwise all Entries are final and no refunds will be given at anytime or for any reason.

The result of the competition is determined as described within these Terms and Conditions, the Promoters decision is final and no conversations or correspondence will be entered into about the result.

Each Entrant agrees that the usual requirement under the Consumer Protection(Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 for any goods and services ordered online to be supplied within 30 days will not apply to this Prize Competition.

In the event that the winner cannot be contacted by the Promoter by telephone, email or mail within 21 days of their status as the winner of the competition, then the Promoter is entitled to draw another number (alternate winner) at random via the same method as laid out in these terms and conditions, the new winning Entrant will then have 7 days from being notified as the winner by the Promoters of the competition to accept their prize via responding to the Promoters communications.

One person per household may enter into a competition, all Entries from that address will be void and refunded if it comes to our attention that there are multiple Entries within that address.

Closing the competition

If at the closing date of a competition the Minimum number of Entries have not been made, the competition will close but the prize will always be guaranteed!

The Winner(s) of the competition agrees to allow the display of his/her name on the Website in accordance with the Privacy Policy by the Promoter. The Winner(s) Town, Name and age will be used on the Website solely for the purposes of announcing the Winner of that competition within 24hrs of the Winner being selected.

Entrants of a competition authorise the Promoters to enter their personal details into their database to use the information whilst adhering to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

The Promoters reserve the right to cancel the Competition at any time either before or after tickets have been sold. If the Competition is cancelled, the Promoters will return the Entry Fees to each Entrant (either by bank card refund or by cheque and in one combined payment where several entries have been made by a competitor). Where the Entry Fee is returned, the Promoter shall have no further liability to the Entrant or to any other person;

The Promoters make no representation or warranty as to the Valuation or the Prize, its structural or cosmetic condition or its ability to be sold. Entrants should make and rely on their own enquiries and legal advice about the Prize before entering the Competition.

No Liability for errors/omissions contained within the specification, description or details of the prize or any part of the Website will be held by the Promoters. The responsibility will be mainly with the Winner, but also all of the Entrant to satisfy themselves with regards to the accuracy and/or any of the material on this Website. Save for death or personal injury the Promoters will not be liable for any loss (including economic loss) suffered to or sustained by any person or property as a result of any act or omission of the Promoters, nor will their servants or their agents in developing, planning and Administrating the Competition, distributing the Prize to the Winner or following the distribution of the Prize;

In the event of loss suffered to an Entrant as a result of failed computer connections, or any loss suffered as a result of the Website, the Promoters will not be liable.

No responsibility will be held by the Promoters for Entries that are not received due to failures in high internet traffic, other communications, failed hardware, failed software, faulty servers, computer systems or any other reason.

The rules laid out in this competition shall not be taken by the Entrant as any form of contract or any kind of agreement between the Promoters and the Entrants

No refund will be given and an Entry will be void in the event of the Entrant: 1. Engaging in any form of fraud 2. Unauthorised amendment of any of the code that is used within the website 3. Interfering/hacking the functioning of the website 4. Concealing fraudulently 5. Fraudulent misrepresentation


To select a winner of a competition the Promoter will use a random number generator which will be displayed live on Facebook, all of the details will be confirmed at the conclusion of the draw, the decision of the draw will be made within 48 hrs of the close of the competition for the exact time and date.

Each competition will have one winner unless stated otherwise

In competitions where the prize is a car, if the competition is completed successfully then the Promoter will transfer the prize to the Winner using the V5 registration document for the car(s), once the car has been handed over to the Winner the Promoter will no longer have any responsibility of the prize, no tax or insurance comes with the prize (car) this is to be arranged by the Winner.

Affiliate Agreement

The Affiliate agreement explains the terms and conditions for the participation in the affiliate programme for Dreamtech Competitions. Within this agreement, “Affiliate” is a term used for you (the applicant). Within this agreement “Dreamtech competitions” refers to “Dreamtech competitions Ltd”, with whom you are entering this agreement. By applying to the Dreamtech compettitions affiliate programme you are read the agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.


An order form must be completed by the customer in order for a sale to generate a commission to an Affiliate. Commissions will only be paid on sales that are made when the customer clicks through qualified, correctly structured Affiliate links. It is the sole responsibility of the Affiliate to ensure the links are properly coded. Via the affiliate, dashboard commissions can be viewed.


Payment processing can take up to 30 days from the request date. Payments will generally be paid out via PayPal. Payments can be requested every 30 days. An Affiliate can request a payment when their balance reaches a minimum balance of £25 GBP..


If a customer has requested a refund for a transaction where the Affiliate has earned a commission, commission earned on the refund amount will be deducted from the Affiliates balance.

Usage and Obligations

Within the Dreamtech competitions Affiliates section, Affiliates are permitted to use the Dreamtech competitions marketing material available, material ie. Logos, images, other assets… cannot be altered. The Affiliate does not gain any copyright, trademark or any right to these branding tools.

The Affiliate can never act as they are working or operating on behalf of Dreamtech competitions and will never display or advertise Dreamtech competitions stock directly.

The Affiliate must never represent Dreamtech competitions, themselves or their working agreement with Dreamtech competitions in a way that may be seen as false or misleading

As an Affiliate you will not distribute an unsolicited bulk/spam email referring to Dreamtech competitions.

Term and Termination

The right to terminate the agreement without prior notice is held by either party.

If the agreement is terminated by the Affiliate, any past or future commissions will not be due from Dreamtech competitions.

In the event that Dreamtech competitions chooses to end the agreement then within 60 days a balance greater than £25 will be paid. Any balances less than £25 will be forfeited.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to its conflict of laws rules.


The terms and conditions within this agreement may be modified at anytime at our discretion, modifications may include but will not be limited to the varied change of any commissions, commissions payment dates, payment procedures and rules of the Affiliate programme.

Each entrant of the Affiliate programme should retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions for their own future reference10

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